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Brian's Journal

21st February, 2007. 3:39 pm.

i'm alive and well--haven't written in a year maybe-?
Living with a girl named Krista, she's cool and always seems to have hawt bois around for me to look at.  i'm still single and loving it.  i earned tons of cashola so i am going to take it a bit easy this spring and play loads of ball--wish me luck in the Valley League.  :-)  other than that lifes not too exciting--but thats a good thing.
peace until next time

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3rd February, 2006. 7:34 pm.

Holey Hell it's been a long time since i updated--! Happy New year i guess i should say. The big news is that Beth called me on my cell phone Monday telling me that the whold goddamn house rocked around 8:30 or so that night. A house a few blocs down blew up--!! The story is here http://www.fox5dc.com/_ezpost/data/34786.shtml (sorry i don't know how to link it.) But the guy was a driver for Thomas's muffins and the rumor is that either his wife tried to kill him or he had a meth lab that blew up. i don't know but thank god it didn't hurt our house. We just moved there---be kind of shitty for it to blow up.
Jer was able to have visitors finally so went to see him yesterday--he was in good spirit and cracked a corny joke so he's going to be fine just to give him a few weeks to fully recover. He didn't lose his hair this time and he looked really nice with it long-ish (it curls on the top and tips.)
After that i went out on another date with Ted (hes who i was with Monday when the nieghbor blew up.) Ted's very cute and treats me good but hes over 35+ so not really shure how far i want to take it--he's not even fully divorced from his wife yet. We haven't fooled around yet--not sure we should--Beth thinks i'm nutz.
No date 2nite but Benjy Boy (the kid whose working with me) wanted to see this girl at the Mall and needed someone to go with---that's my mission 2nite--to get him laid ;)
Promise to write soon-!

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16th November, 2005. 10:05 am.

Have i mentioned how much working sux--? My uncle tells me i have another 45 yrs of this shit. Thats fucking not going to happen--! Lottery or Vegas here i cum

Current mood: devious.

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15th October, 2005. 4:10 pm. all work & no play makes Brian a dull dull boi

goddamn i work too much--!!! i mean seriously all I do is fucking work--! Not tonite, though. I'm going out with Beth and Rob and Keith and getting totally trashed--!

Current mood: mischievous.

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15th August, 2005. 3:22 pm.

I never worked at a fast-food place but this is still funny--

The Ten Commandments of Drive-Thru Etiquette


Having worked far too long in the food service industry, i've seen my share of people who seem to have absolutely no idea how drive-thru restaurants work. I've suffered no end of heartache and aggravation from people who can't seem to grasp what should be blatantly obvious, and i've finally come to the conclusion that what the world needs is a simple guide to the thou shalts and thou shalt nots of the process. So here it is - a guide to the uninformed and a pitting of the clueless.

1) An there beith a preview board, thou shalt use it. Many drive-thrus now have two separate menu boards - one with the attached speaker, and a second menu one car-length behind the speaker. This is known as a "preview board" because the customer can look it over before advancing to the speaker and starting the restaurant's speed-of-service timer. If you don't know what you want, USE this board. Don't drive past it straight to the speaker, ask the clerk to "gimme a second", and then spend two or three minutes staring at it while the speed-of-service time gets higher and higher.

2)Thou shalt not shout "Hello?" or honk thy horn if there is a delay at the speaker. Just because the clerk isn't ready to take your order the second you pull up doesn't mean they've taken off their headset, clocked out, and gone home. Shouting "Hello?" or honking your horn will not make whatever the clerk is working on go away and it WON'T get your order taken any faster - it only aggravates the clerk and potentially deafen them when they get a 110-decibal blast in the speaker strapped directly onto their ear.

3) Thou shalt not ask the clerk questions that could be answered by reading the menu. How much does the chicken sandwich cost? What comes on the TripleMax Superburger Deluxe? This is what the menu is FOR. It's the big thing right in front of you with all the words and numbers on it, not to mention the great big pictures where each item has been carefully posed to display each of its ingredients in larger-than-life detail. Use it.

4) Thou shalt NOT add to thy order at the window. Doing this requires the clerk to go back in and change your order (which at many restaurants requires a manager's approval to void part or all of the order), delays us getting your order out while we make whatever you decided you just couldn't live without during the lengthy 20' drive from the speaker to the window, and delays everyone behind you getting what they want as well. Just don't do it.

5) If there is a line at the window, thou shalt start counting thy money before reaching it. We tell you what your total is at the speaker. Most restaurants also have video screens that show your total in big numbers. There is no reason for you to not know your total before you leave the speaker. If there's a car ahead of you at the window, there is no reason for you not to start counting out your money before you get there. Reaching the window after a three-minute wait and THEN deciding to start counting out the $37 in nickels you intend to pay me with is just lazy.

6) Thou shalt use actual numbers when ordering a quantity greater than one. I don't know how many "a couple", "a bunch", "a lot", or "a shitload" of hamburgers is. I never learned those numbers in kindergarten. If you ask me for such a quantity, I will ask you to be more specific. The same goes for sauces. Our default is to give you one package of sauce for each item that requires it. If you ask me for a specific larger number I will give you that many, but if you ask me for "a bunch" or "a lot" I will give you two packages for each item. If you ask me for "a shitload" I may ask you not to come back to my store.

7) Thou shalt NOT use curse words into the drive-thru speaker. This one follows from the Sixth Commandment. The speaker you're talking into is connected to a loudspeaker which is audible to everyone in the kitchen and, often, to everyone in the lobby as well. This is a family business and more often than not there are children dining in our lobby. It is not appropriate for you to pull up to my speaker and start using profanity towards me, let alone my staff and customers. An idle slip of the tongue may be excused, but do it again and you'll be asked to leave.

8) Thou shalt not order another restaurant's menu items from us. We don't sell Big Macs here. We don't sell Whoppers here. We don't sell McChickens, Biggie Fries, Frosties, Grillburgers, McFlurries, McNuggets, Chicken Fries, Crossainwiches, McMuffins, McGriddles, or anything else that starts with "Mc" for that matter. You cannot Super-Size, King Size, or Biggie-Size our combos. We carry Coke, not Pepsi. We can't give you fry sauce, onion ring sauce, or Horsey sauce. Corellary: Thou shalt not order the item we carried for about a month two years ago and act shocked that we can't make it for you. We don't even carry the ingredients for that anymore. No, not even if you ask nicely.

9) Thou shalt make sure you have cash or a credit card BEFORE thou order. Think hard for just a second, buddy - have you EVER heard of a drive-thru restaurant taking checks? I didn't think so. Make sure you have the ability to pay for your order BEFORE you order it. Pulling up to the window and then "discovering" that you forgot your wallet won't earn you any sympathy from those of us who just busted our asses to make your order and now have to throw it all out. And no, it WON'T get you any free food, either.

10) Thou shalt not, not, NOT, EVER, ask the clerk to "hook you up". This is a business, not a charity. You want free food? Go to the food bank downtown. We're in business to make money, not feed your broke ass. I don't even know you. Why would I risk my job by giving away free food to a complete stranger? No, not if you give me a puff off your peace pipe. No, not if your girlfriend shows me her tits (and what kind of girl flashes a complete stranger for a 99-cent sandwich anyway?) No, not if you're really good buddies with the manager or the area coach or Sally in Accounting, because right here and right now I AM the manager and i've never seen you before in my life.

Unbelievers, repent your sins and be saved. Anybody else got any commandments they'd like to throw in before I break out the chisel?

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6th March, 2005. 9:43 pm.

Dear Journal

Time to reflect on the past few motnhs. i just have another few months to go before i graduate from college. (community college with a 2 year business degree). i'm not too sure what i'm going to do with the degree because i am thinking of working as a plumber or electrician. i'v done a little of both over the months since i quit my other job and the money is really good. i just don't think i'm cut out to be an office person. (i don't like to wear ties). i just promise not to show too much ass-crack--! ;)

There are no classes this week since it's officially "spring" break -- in the middle of the fucking winter--! That's a load of bullshit. It's going to be actually warm tomorrow but then cold again. i don't have any money for a trip this year so i am staying put. My sponsors from last summer (the Beckles) asked if i wanted to come down there to visit but they're actually busy this week and so it didn't work out. Baseball is coming up and i can't wait to graduate so i can play again -- i just got finished wrting that i was going to work as a tradesman and how i didn't have any money -- and i somehow expect to play ball again. :/

i've been seeing this man (he's 23 or 24) named --i'm not making this up -- Ashton -- how fucking wild is that--? All of the Ashtons i've known or seen are gorgeous - this one is no exception. The only - well not only - problem is that he doesn't like to do "young people" things. Like for instance he hates to play video games or walk the mall. We've been to the mall just once in the last month (we've been dating for about 6 weeks) and i just happened to run into Jer there with his "boy" Todd. Hey Jer, lay off the young kids -- what's this one , like 15--? Todd had the nerve to act all bitchy. Funny little shit. Jer looked pretty skinny - i hope he's alright. Since then Ashton just doesn't want to do anything. He took me to a very fancy place to eat -- i admit i didn;t like any of the food. But he gave me wine - a passion. i love me a glass of wine. :)

i'm bored so i guess i'll watch some tv. i promise to update sooner rather than later. Maybe tomorrow. (Isn't it cute that i ended each paragraph with an emotion thing?) :D

hey, Nick--nice picture in your journal from new year -- i tried to comment but the Live Journal said my servers were in a read only mode.

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15th December, 2004. 5:50 pm.

Dear Journal

Fukkity fuck fuck--!!! i just heard that there may NOT be Baseball in DC after-all-! W!T!F!?? Theyre talking about moving the Toronto team to Vegas--! Stunned silence....I just fukin' bought a Nationals cap...hm,mm collectors item maybe-? maybe I could ebay it and make some dough--!

i am planning on going back to the Carolinas for local baseball this next summer, so boooyah to you--!

Christmas time is coming--!!! My favorite holiday--of ALL time--!

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20th November, 2004. 6:23 pm.

i have just heard that the new Washington DC baseball team (the old Expos) are NOT going to be called The Senators but instead called The Nationals. --that's dumb--

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18th October, 2004. 5:32 pm.


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14th August, 2004. 10:14 am. home-!

After driving all nite i am home. i want to thank my hosts in Suoth Carolina (the Beckles) for putting up with me the whole summer. i played baseball for a 'hometown league". iT was very fun. i can't wait until next summer--!
i am tired as shit so i am going to bed. Please update me on all that has happened.

Current mood: sleepy.

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